About Us
We are a brand and digital
creative agency

Vuca Agency is a full-service digital agency, busy designing and building beautiful digital products, brands, and experiences.

We combine design, technology and business strategy into a unified discipline powerful enough to propel companies forward.


Our Services

We create brands

Creating a brand is making people fall in love with a company. That’s not easy but, hey, we can do hard. But it doesn’t stop there. A good brand needs to be honest, it needs to create a promise that can be delivered on. And yes, that’s what we do.

Brand Name, Brand strategy, Brand identity, Brand system, Voice and tone
We build products

Digital products. We all use them. We send thumbs ups (also called “likes” if you are hip to the scene), we press a button and get a car within minutes, we go to a new city and our phone tells us where the groovy discotheque is and we can watch pretty much anything on our TV’s without the need for a trip to the local VHS rental place. Vuca works with amazing companies to create products that make our lives better, easier and all that jazz.

Mobile apps, Web apps, TV apps, Games
We create marketing things

Marketing is about convincing people to do things. We’ve made everything from websites, the social media to billboard ads. We can be very convincing. These-are-not-the-droids-you-are-looking-for convincing. Annoyingly convincing. Like right now. As you are reading this you are becoming super convinced. Right? And if you aren’t you should probably ask our team for more details.

Websites. Advertising, Social
We strategize

It can look good and feel good, but without a strategy it probably isn’t going very far. And so, before we actually start creating anything we start by getting to know you. Your hopes and dreams. Once we’ve figured out where you want to go we start to draft a map and create a route for how to get there. And we call it strategy and we send you a bill. Vuca is unique in how they approached our team and our project.

Research, Communications, Strategy, Brand Strategy, Product Strategy, Content Strategy, Analytics and Testing
We design

Design is a tricky word. It means di! erent things to di! erent people. For us, design is the whole thing. It’s the way it looks, sure, but it’s also the way it works and the way it smells. It’s the whole thing. And so, the only way we can design something great is if all the pieces are great. One small mistake can ruin an otherwise great experience. And so we sweat the details, we are annoyingly fussy and we even care about the things that nobody else will notice. Because that’s the kind of people we are. The annoying kind. And that’s what we call design. And then we send you a bill for it. Design is shorthand for so many di! erent things but ultimately, Vuca is an agency that can create thoughtful, beautiful and problem solving experiences.

User Experience, Visual Design, Product Design, Brand Design, Communication Design
We create content and develop

A picture says more than a thousand words, a video says more than a thousand pictures. You get the picture. But then again a good word can say a lot too. Like pineapple. That word says a whole lot. We never forget that while our great designs and fancy code are necessary to help the experience, most people are just there for the content. They want to learn something, or laugh at something, or cry, or laugh and cry while the learn something. So we create the things that make them do that. And we call it content and we send you a bill for it. People need stories to make sense of the world. They need a reason, they need to understand the Why. And from there, the How and the What. It needs to be honest, but also interesting enough for them to

Copywriting, Social Playbook, Photography, Brand Films, Product Videos, 2D & 3D Animation, Sound Design & Music

You know that thing that your nephew can do for free? Yea, we do that but for real and it’s not free, it costs a lot of money. Our developers are the unsung heroes of what we do. They are the best of the best of the best and they have the awards to prove it (they show them to us every day to remind the rest of us). They write their html and css and react and that other thing that no one can ever remember and it’s honestly just amazing that it all works so beautifully. The development team we’ve worked with at Vuca has been amazing to work with and the results speak for themselves. They can build cutting edge technology solutions and make them feel fluid, approachable, friendly and easy to use.


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